Its been a trying month for me. Without delving into too many gossipy details (I'll wait till the sweet nectar of success proves me right and put it all in my autobiography ^^), all I have to say is this - its difficult being a girl in a guys world.

Investors have put me down because I have a female-centric product. Another mentor has accused me of having a "strong ego" because I'm a female (as opposed to a penis-bearer) who has an opinion about my company. And because I am one of those girls cursed to cry at the drop of a hat (ie when I'm very angry, very sad, or when I feel I'm being treated unjustly), I've been pigeon holed as a weak leader unable or unfit to lead a team.

But its ok (:

Because without sounding like a huge beach ball of cheddar, all these set backs have just made me even more determined to push through Everything and show all the people who have had faith in me from the start that yes - they put their chips on the right person (:

So to end of the moral of the story is

& have cupcakes 
(or if you're like me, have awesome people around you who buy them for you)

Have a great weekend! (:

omg - where did the time fly?

Craziness has been happening over at Fashfix - chief among them is I've been experimenting with different ideas and on the side, Fashfix launched this little baby called 'project/INFINITY' or 'fashion/FREEDOM' or 'we-still-don't-have-a-name-for-it-yet'

Not to try and always use this blog to promote the Fashfix nonsense BUT this is something we're really genuinely excited about and the response so far has been great so I'm all excited and shizzle ^^

check it here!

Somebody please explain to me how designers from labels as varied as Marc Jacobs, Acne, Chloe, Vivienne Westwood and Dior decide to spontaneously combust into stripes this SS/13?

Personally, I'm in favour of the Twiggy-jailbird look MJ devised but I love Dior's take on it (shown above) too with a mix of stripes and more importantly, the colour pink. Funnily enough, despite the overwhelming amount of stripes shown, there weren't that many going for the sailor nautical striped look. Clearly there's some sort of fashion conspiracy going on out there!

Fortunately for us, stripes is one of those safe trends that always comes back. Meaning that either you have a couple on-trend pieces lurking in your closet OR if you do buy stripes this season, theres a 90% chance you'll be able to wear it again 3 years from now.


FOR THE BOLD: Just like Dior, be adventurous in mixing and matching different stripes. And they don't have to all be the same style - change up the colours and you're guaranteed to be a fashion looker.

FOR THE BRAVE: Don't be afraid to wear horizontal stripes! Cutting and fit matter way more than just a line parallel to the floor.

FOR THE SAFE: Play it safe with black and white stripes. Just make sure you don't end up looking like a zebra or worse, an escaped prison convict!

Its been a few crazy weeks - have been doing a ton of customer interviews (if you missed a call from a private number there's a strong possibility that was me!) to try and figure out what people want. So far, so good learning experience.

In other news, I'm also slowly learning how to do things myself on Fashfix. Today, I installed a livechat module and I just got a question all the way from Sweden (WahhhHT? Yep - Sweden!). So fun! (: She was obsessed with this pair of JC shoes - who isn't???


Also crazy because I'm in the midst of hiring so if you're looking for a job at a fun dynamic fashion start up and have expertise in  (1) marketing or (2) drupal development hit me up at (:

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